Revisiting Carr’s Business Bluff: Opinions on the Ethics of Playing the Game

Auszug aus: Journal for Markets and Ethics (2020)/2 David S. Fowler und Jon Musgrave Online veröffentlicht: 05 Sep 2021Seitenbereich: 1 – 3 Zusammenfassung This article is a response to Albert Carr’s business bluff compared to a poker game article in the Harvard Business Review “Is Business Bluffing Ethical? The Ethics of Business are not Those of Society, but […]

Die postkeynesianische Ökonomik in der Finanzethik des katholischen Sozialethikers Bernhard Emunds – Diskussion aus einer angebotsorientierten Perspektive

Auszug aus: Journal for Markets and Ethics (2020)/2 Felix Heider Online veröffentlicht: 05 Sep 2021Seitenbereich: 1 – 24 Zusammenfassung Bernhard Emunds, a German Catholic social ethicist, is engaged in research into financial markets. This article introduces post-Keynesianism as his economic foundation, followed by a description of conclusions Emunds draws about the regulation of financial markets. Thereafter, implications […]