Aus der Not geboren oder sinnvolle Substitution? Chancen und Grenzen des Einsatzes von „Pflegerobotern“ in der stationären Altenpflege aus ethischer Sicht

Auszug aus: Journal for Markets and Ethics (2020)/1 Markus Giesbers Online veröffentlicht: 30 Dec 2020Seitenbereich: 1 – 12 Zusammenfassung This article deals with a differentiated examination of robotics and its evaluation in inpatient geriatric care. It examines the extent to which nursing robots fit into person-centered nursing work and possibly change it significantly. The advantages and new […]

A Rawlsian perspective on the institutional limits of lobbying the European Commission

Auszug aus: Journal for Markets and Ethics (2020)/1 Damian Bäumlisberger Online veröffentlicht: 30 Dec 2020Seitenbereich: 13 – 27 Zusammenfassung In the process of drafting European Union (EU) legislation and supervising its effective national implementation, the European Commission has to cooperate with lobbyists. This exchange involves the risk of arbitrary lobby influence on its decisions at the expense […]

Praktischer Weisheit nach-denken. Wirtschaftsethische Orientierung am Standort Ingolstadt in der Tradition von Johannes Eck

Auszug aus: Journal for Markets and Ethics (2020)/1 André Habisch Online veröffentlicht: 30 Dec 2020Seitenbereich: 29 – 36 Zusammenfassung In the late Middle Ages, the canonical prohibition of interest increasingly came into conflict with an ever more dynamic economic practice. The Ingolstadt based theology professor Johannes Eck is better known as Catholic opponent of Martin Luther; however, […]